Friday, March 18, 2011

Loss Of A Grandmother Sympathy Quotes Grandmother


Hello! Happy Friday (especially for those who work tomorrow, :-(). I bring some news, a little of everything.

Claudia Gray returned to Spain!! In Barcelona will be fair to Sant Jordi Renacer present the fourth part of the saga Midnight . will be April 15 at 19.00 in the Fnac L'illa. The event will be hosted by Eva Rubio blogguera .

Too bad you caught me so far :-( I hope to read your reviews!

--------------- I like to write For I leave the bases Youth JaƩn Prize for Fiction 2011. Click here


goes on sale today Together Ally Condie, and this time it is presented in Fnac de Callao (Madrid). I leave the cover and the synopsis.
has come the most important moment in the life of Cassia: the authorities will inform you who your "perfect match", the person who will share the rest of his life.
We are in a distant future, in a city where technology is ubiquitous and where all personal choice has been placed in the hands of the authorities to ensure full social harmony.
In this utopian world supposedly lives Cassia, the protagonist of this novel. At just 17 years of age, just to attend his engagement ceremony, the most important event in the life of any teenager, because there is disclosed who his "perfect match." A Cassia authorities had informed him that, after careful study to develop a computerized personality, the person must spend the rest of his life is Xander, her best friend. Are predestined.
But a strange computer error Cassia will fall in love with the wrong person ...

Montena A new dystopia of the truth that is very good looking, this is the cover of second part.


Another novelty, this time brings us editorial Atlantis: Phantoms of Kensington of JDAlvarez . Coinciding with the centenary of the first edition of the novel Peter and Wendy (1911), Ghosts of Kensington honors Peter Pan and JM Barrie, but, showing his darker side, unknown to readers.

Peter Llewelyn Davies, an advanced age, fakes his own death in Sloane Square to get rid of the shadow of Peter Pan, has been dragging ballast that as a child, claimed that JM Barrie was his reference when creating the character of his hit play. So, Peter goes to a small village in Scotland, The Little White Bird, near Kirriemuir, concluding his last days there in complete anonymity. However, as the weeks unfold, what seemed a peaceful place, begins to transform into a world of nightmare attacked by alligators, crows and ghosts of the past.

I liked the synopsis, I love Peter Pan, so I think I like this book.


The big news of the day months years century (OK, and I remain silent) is already has revealed who will play our beloved Katniss Everdeen in adapting The Hunger Games. The lucky will Jennifer Lawrence, recently it has been seen in Winter's Bone, a performance which earned him an Oscar nomination.
Our dear sinsajo and has a face, what do you think? In my not ... We will have to wait to see it characterized as Katniss, I will put two actresses who have liked me as Katniss

<-- Camilla Belle

Ellen Paige ->

----------- And here the news today, pass good weekend. We read


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